Why You Should Choose Raised Panel Shutters

Shutters come in a variety of types, shapes and sizes. It is your intentions, budget and taste that will determine the best shutters to choose. In most cases, the dilemma is choosing between Raised Panel Shutters and louvered shutters. To make your choice easier, you need to understand the service offered by each and how it will affect your intentions.

It helps to know the features of each type. Louvered shutters come with horizontal slats placed at an angle that allows them to admit air and light while at the same time keeping away direct sunlight, noise and rain. The raised panels are different because they come with a block board that keeps away everything including sunlight and air. The two designs may be combined to tap into the benefits of each design where the situation allows.

The popularity of raised panel shutters has been raised by its versatility to fit into any architectural design. Whether your house is Victorian, Mediterranean or contemporary, you can install the raised panel shutters and enjoy peace of mind and protection from the elements. The shutters don’t clash with the design of your property and will accent your colors.

Shutters add a level of attractiveness to your property and often the color is built into the material so they resist fading giving you sustained attractiveness and color throughout the life of your property. Both louvered and raised panel styles stand the test of time meaning that whichever you chose will never be out of style and will always lend stylish accents to your home. The charm and warmth that the proper shutters can add to your homes exterior will add a dramatic flair and curb appeal and can only increase your its value.

In today’s world most shutters are sold for their aesthetic appeal, but operable shutters can be effective in controlling the temperature of your home. Standard composite raised panel shutters have a Thermalite construction which is a perfect material for ensuring that indoor temperature remains constant. Cold draft will not penetrate into your house. Inversely, when the outside gets hot, it will be easier to keep the interiors cool, saving you a lot of resources that would have been spent on air conditioning.

Keep Sunlight Out

The main aim of using operable shutters is to keep sunlight out. If you wish to get extra hours of sleep, the shutters will ensure that light does not sneak into your room. Even at night, your bedroom will stay dark and cool. You can even alter the angle these shutters are positioned in an effort to control the temperature. This has been regarded as the best way to keep off light from a room.

Shutters are perfect for people who experience allergy issues. As opposed to using curtains or drapes, shutters are easier to clean. You only need to swipe with a piece of cloth or special material and your living area will be free of dust and other allergens. It is an alternative to materials that instead attract dust to your property.

Energy Efficiency

The right shutters will reduce the amount of money you use on energy in your house. The raised panel shutters ensure that your energy bill is as low as possible. Because they work as insulating shields they prevent hot or cold air from interfering with your internal environment. This makes it easier to maintain a constant internal environment. As such, the AC will not be overworked to keep you comfortable. They are also not as expensive as other options that are used for your windows. They are affordable whenever you buy or install.


The materials used to manufacture the shutters are durable and will thus not require replacement in years. You will only enjoy the durability advantage when you buy the raised panel shutters from a reliable supplier near you. Top varieties of shutters will last as long as your house will.

Shutters have also been used to raise the level of privacy in your home. Once they cover your window, it will be impossible to know whether there is someone in the house or not. Curtains and blinds will always reveal when someone is indoors and thus compromise your attempts to maintain privacy. The shutters are sold in stores around your neighborhood making them easy to access.

Raised panel shutters are customized to meet your desired sizes, shapes and color of your window. This allows you to get a shutter for any property at a customized budget. With professionals in shutter supply and installation, you can begin to enjoy a comfortable and controlled interior. You will get shutters for all budgets.

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