How to Fix and Maintain the Springs of Your Trampoline

Your trampoline springs must be made out of good quality galvanized steel to safeguard from rust and to make sure that it can withstand the jumping. Although trampolines are very low maintenance products, aside from fixing any cuts and tears on the trampoline mat and pads, the only maintenance called for is changing the springs. However, if you take care of your springs and use the trampoline appropriately, you won’t have to keep replacing those springs as often. Some trampoline owners spend necessarily and too frequently every month on replacing springs. Although this is a good idea -this is not something you would want to have to go through. After all, there are less expensive ways of ensuring that your trampolines are working well.

Storage then is very important when it comes to increasing the lifespan of your springs and the whole unit. Completely disassemble the unit and store it away in a dry and cool location. Make sure you put all fabric parts in a storage compartment that will prevent small critters from damaging them.

Generally, the lifespan of your springs will depend on the weight of the user. The heavier you are, the more often you should check on the springs if they need replacing. When you do have to replace your springs, search for thicker ones. Make sure you are completely unable to stretch the springs using physical power.

A set of springs can cost up to 60 dollars. There are much more affordable ones, however, you are most probably going to have to replace them twice as frequently in the long run.

Source by Rowan Queen

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