We Just Got the Right to Repair—in Theory

Photo: Ben Margot (AP) The people can now repair and tinker with their own devices under copyright law. The US Copyright Office (USCO) submitted recommendations, approved today by the Librarian of Congress, to add exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)’s rules governing access to devices and software. (This section.) The big one is … Read more

Employees detail rising tensions at Ro as healthcare unicorn struggles to grow beyond first win – TechCrunch

Ro, one of the most valuable privately owned health tech startups, isn’t subtle about its mission to deliver vertically integrated, affordable healthcare with consumers in mind. And while a patient-centric healthcare system is undoubtedly overdue, Ro is first dealing with a massive challenge: its own inability to monetize meaningfully outside of Roman, its erectile dysfunction … Read more

Biden’s FCC Picks Are a ‘Dream Team’ for Broadband Advocates

President Biden finally made his picks for the Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday, ending a baffling delay that forced Democrats to operate in a 2–2 deadlock with Republicans instead of the 3–2 majority that the president’s party typically enjoys. The names themselves are familiar. Jessica Rosenworcel, who has been acting FCC chairwoman since January, was … Read more

Bill Murray Teases Marvel Role

Bill Murray is an unpredictable man. He shows up in weird places to hang with random people, like that time in 2009 when he read poetry to construction workers. He’s certainly not above a bit of trolling, so take a grain of salt—or should I say salz—at Murray’s announcement he’s in Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and … Read more